Season of post-covid coming up

Jonas Orset

Disclamer: This is not an official season calendar, and things may be adjusted.

Let’s hope this year is about to be a normal one. After two years of uncertainty it would be nice to be able to plan a full year of racing and adventures.

Are you like me, almost afraid of planning ahead as you don’t want to be disappointed if you once again have to change your plans? Being flexible is one thing, but when the future is all foggy it’s hard to really set a plan you trust.

I have to be honest, I don’t like to publish big plans if it all goes to dust. Even though I’m not flagging my plans doesn’t mean I’m not thinking ahead for 2022. More the contrary. I want to be sincere with you following my journey and therefore I have decided to share my preliminary ambitions for the upcoming year. And bear with me if plans goes up in smoke.

Lot’s of cool stuff is on the horizon this year! Photo: Kent Erik Harrdisleff.

Season start with Arctic Everesting

Who thought Everesting the Tunnel was the ultimate craziness of an Everesting?

Soon after the mindfuck (sorry my French) in Gudvangen we brainstormed the next step. What could overdo riding 8850 inside a tunnel? What about doing an Everesting on the North Pole?

A crazy idea we started drawing on the table and realised we could go fly to one of the most northern settlements in the world – Longyearbyen on Svalbard, an iceland outside Norway. Winter Everesting in snow under the Aurora Borealis – this would be the perfect next adventure for The Nordic Trailblazer.

We set the preliminary date to March 24th.

By Feb 9th we just signed one sponsor for the event, making it possible. We are still hoping to get more partners on board. Video photographer Joakim and photographer Kent Erik is already in the team as we really want to use the opportunity to create a visual story.

More information will be published soon, and if you or your company want to get involved, please get in touch.

Read about the project here: Arctic Everesting

Svalbard is our place for an Arctic Everesting. Photo: Canvas.

Gravel Rally

Springtime means gravel season. Our date for DNF GRVL is set to April 23. This one is epic and no Oslo rider should miss this.

In May I will be heading over to the US for a month of racing with Cadence Cyclery. The main goal is Unbound Gravel June 4th. The world’s primer gravel race! My goal is to be competitive for top 10.

I hope to get my content creator team over as well, so we can share the experience to all of you. For this project we are also looking for partners, so again reach out.

See project presentation here: Gravel Crusade

Racing. Look forward to race more Gravel in 2022. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

When in the US I got Joe Martin Stages Race, Tusla Tough, and Gravel Locos on the calendar, so lots of candy there.

The mail goal for the summer will be The Rift in Iceland July 23rd. This gravel event is just something else, and I really think it will offer a story to share with our afterwards.

Local crit fun

Something great happened in during covid was the blooming of our local crit races. This year we’ll again set up the evening races. We plan Tuesday races, every 2nd week from April-September. The best nights are the ones with racing with post-race pizza!

101percent Cup. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Break the cycle 200

Last year I led the Break the Cycle Oslo ride, going 200 miles – 320 km through Østfold for fighting modern slavery. We rode to raise money for Hope for Justice and their work to end modern slavery.

Some rides are just more meaningful than others, and this one is one of those. It’s a social ride, and we rider together for the cause.

This year I am asked to be involved in both the Oslo and Stavanger editions, both set to August. If you ride, you should come join. I want you with us!

Become a part of the Break the Cycle community. Photo from last year at Bymisjonen Halden.

Gravelduro Nesbyen

No places is as perfect for a gravel event as Nesbyen. Last year we hosted the Nordic Gravel Series in Nesbyen, and this year we want to take if further working together with Nesfjellet to create the best gravel experience in Norway. Gravelduro offers the most fun gravel trails around, and after the opening of Hallingspranget, I know it will be epic.

The planned date is September 4th +/- one weekend. Get prepared! You’ll get the confirmed date soon.

Gravelduro Nesbyen. Foto: Marius Backe Wold.

Fall(ing in love) Gravel

When the Nordic season cools down, I ramp it up with Big Sugar Arkansas and Belgium Waffle Ride Kansas. Another two big gravel races with the best gravel riders. Finishing the season with American gravel is nothing I’ll complain about – rather love it!

Cycling activities

As the chairman of Green Cycling Nordic Norway it will me more cycling activities than just racing and extreme adventures. Cycling is for everyone, and this year will have heaps of cycling schools and commute rides. I want to be a trailblazer in all I do, but the whole point is to empower others to follow the wheel tracks, and get into cycling and all the benefits that follows.

This will be a fun year!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Get involved

Being involved in all projects requires a good support team, the right partners, and involved people. If you like what my team and I do, why not get involved?

Shoot me an e-mail: Send mail here

I am grateful to have a team behind me, and I want to invite you to become a part of Team Orset Support Crew ’22. (Annual fee €35 or NOK 350).

Become a part of the Support Crew: Click here to find the FB-group

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