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For more than a decade Jonas Orset has been an unique character in the world of cycling. His efforts extends far beyond that of a typical competitive cyclist. From early success as one of Norway's top U23 cyclist to becoming a household name within the cycling community.

While pursuing competitive goals he has always remained stedfast as a true cycling ambassador. Promoting the joy, adventures, and health benefits that cycling can provide.
A pioneer with success both as a competitive cyclist, adventurer, and creator. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through the power of cycling. Breaking new ground, and forging his own paths in hope of inspiring others.

Now carving out yet a new track, embarking on new adventures and even more trailblazing efforts. He is ready to take the stage as The Nordic Trailblazer!

The Pillars

Focus areas

Pro Gravel

The Nordic Trailblazer's main focus as a cyclist will be within the exciting and up and coming world of gravel. Setting out to claim the spot as the first Nordic pro gravel rider and be the most prominent Nordic rider within the gravel scene.


Outside the domain of competitions seeking out new adventures will be a continuing aspect of The Nordic Trailblazer. Whether it's through a well planned endeavor or if an unexpected opportunity should arise, he is ready to embark on the next journey wherever it may lead. Traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures and connecting with people along the way.

101 Community

Priority will also be placed on teaching and sharing valuable insights, knowledge and experiences. To build engagement and community through organizing events and races. To provide coaching and to create common platforms and arenas in order to include and expose people to the wonders of cycling.

Green Future

As a founder of Green Cycling Norway, the importance of sustainability and cycling's potential to aid and contribute towards positive change will play a key role for The Nordic Trailblazer. Promoting the benefits of cycling for both personal and societal health.


30 Countries
Raced or biked in
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Winner of
540 km
2017 & 2019
10.000 HM
Winner of
Grand fondo
world tour
2017 & 2018
1012 km in
36 hours
Countries raced or biked in

The Icon

A feature of the logo is an icon representing all the important components of The Nordic Trailblazer:

The Cross

The cross represents Jonas' beliefs and Christian upbringing. It is also an integral part of the Nordic countries shared history and heritage, which is why it is an included element in most of the nordic flags.

The Viking

The Viking is a Nordic traveler and adventurer. The legacy and traces of the viking age still lives on in the Nordic today. They were Expert navigators exporting Nordic culture to foreign land while simultaneously bringing foreign influences back home.

As a world traveler from early on in his cycling career, Jonas has ventured out in the same spirit, being a promoter of Nordic cycling culture, while taking international cycling culture back with him to share with others.

The Bike

The bike is what makes it all possible. A vehicle for transportation, an equipment to use in competition, a companion to travel the world with, a tool that can change lives, and a passion to share with others.

The Team

The Nordic Trailblazer is supported by a hard working crew.

Kent Erik Harridsleff

Designer / Photographer / Web

Bjørn Bergenheim

Team manager

Dennis Oxaas

Manager / Advisor

Joakim Birkeland

Video & Content Creation

Jofre Prunera


Espen Holm

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