Break the Cycle 200 Oslo

Jonas Orset

320 kilometer for the fight on modern slavery. Break the Cycle was a success.

Early Saturday morning, at sunrise, a group of ten riders set off for a 200 mile bike ride to raise awareness on modern slavery and raise money for Hope for Justice and their amazing work to stop human trafficking, forced labor and prevent exploitation of children, women and men.

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The global problem needs to be brought to attention, and therefore we set out to ride 200 miles or 320 kilometer around the region of Østfold. We were a group of ten individuals of different bike form, but we were riding together as a team for the cause.

Together. Photo: Jonas Orset.

Early birds

5.30 we clicked in the pedals from Ekeberg. Then riding through Follo and following the coastline to Fredrikstad and Halden. The morning breeze were cold, but we stayed positive – we were on a mission.

The wind turned to a headwind and was increasingly stronger as we approached Halden.

We were halfway and Kirkens Bymisjon served us a great meal of rice and chicken, as well as coffee and pastries. Such a great place to reset for the second leg.

Halden. Photo: Jonas Orset.

A blessing in the air

On our return to Oslo we rode along the Haldenvassdraget, and a super sweet tailwind helped us in a good pace going north. Some of the guys started to feel it now. Passing 200 km we already had done a solid ride, but we were less than 2/3 in.

Thanks to the amazing guys in the support vehicle, we all stayed hydrated and energized, and even though the speed dropped, we kept moving forward, mile by mile.

Feed stop. Photo: Viktor Hajdu.

Making it back to Ekeberg

14 hours after the start, we finally returned to Ekeberg, Oslo. All riders together, a real team effort. The last part had offered lots of suffering, pain, sweat and potentially some hidden tears, but nobody were complaining.

This was a great achievement by the group and we celebrated with pizza and high-fives.

Riding for something more gives perspective and makes our own sufferings feel small and insignificant. The same time we know it is a contribution to the bigger cause.

Supporting Hope for Justice is my way of making a difference and I know it changes lives. Riding to set people free from slavery, what a great kombo!

I hope our ride inspires you, and you want to give a donation too, or maybe join our next event?

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Norwegian and prefer Vipps? Use: #695077

Let’s keep helping each other and work as a team, and we can make a huge difference in the world.

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