Call for action: Arctic Everesting

Jonas Orset

Become a part of the amazing Arctic Everesting on Svalbard April 2nd. We call for business partners and you as an individual actor.

My challenge is to do an Everesting Challenge in Arctic conditions in near Longyearbyen Svalbard. It will be cold, windy, ice roads, and probably take about 16-18 hours to finish. The suffering will be real, but it will all be for a good cause – to raise money for security for refugees from Ukraine.

Last year we did an Everesting Challenge in The Tunnel of Jordalen. The goal was to spread light in the tunnel, as many people faced a dark time due to covid.

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Svalbard is our place for an Arctic Everesting. Photo: Canvas.

Why Svalbard?

Svalbard is the island area, where Longyearbyen is situated, the northernmost town in the world. Here only the tough one goes, and there are mostly miners, fishermen, and scientist here. It’s known for it’s long winters, cold conditions, amazing scenery, and a wild arctic wild life. You need a gunman if you go out of the center as there are many ice bears around.

My challenge is planned to take place in the hill near the airport, from road 400 up to Gruve 3. The road has breathtaking panorama view and passing the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a safeguard of seeds to the future. Its a 2.7 km climb of 180 meters elevation and to make it to Mount Everest, I need to do it about 50 times.

What is Everesting?

Everesting is a challenge where you ride up and down a hill until you reach the elevation gain of Mount Everest – 8850 meter. You may take a break, but you cannot go to sleep. I have done 4 Everestings before, where two of them were 10.000 meter elevation. The biggest difference this year is that this one is in Arctic conditions with studded tires!

The Everesting is passing this Mine 31 times. Photo: Canvas.

Why Everesting?

An Everesting challenge is the ultimate personal bike challenge. You have to overcome physical suffering, but even more so, the mental challenge of it. It’s repetitive, long, almost never-ending. After arriving one lap, it’s just to rolled down the hill and do it all again.

Expanding boundaries of what is physical and mentally possible intrigues me. I love to prove to myself that I can do more than what seems sensible. There are ups and downs during such a challenge – but keep pushing through to make the goal. Which in many ways is how our lives are. A rollercoaster.

This time is even more special as the European people is going through obstacles we never faced before. This is a time to step up, go outside our comfort zones, never give up, and stand together for each other. I dedicate this Everesting challenge to the Ukrainian people how has been forces to flee their families and homes due to war. Millions left their home.

Ukrainian refugees. Illustration by Hope for Justice.

Raising money for Hope for Justice

During this Ukraine crisis, many women and children has left their homes and men. They are tired, desperate, and vulnerable, and in a chaotic situation the may be a target for human traffickers. This was also stated in the NRK Evening News March 8th. In a crisis the refugees deserves to be safe and not become victims of abuse, forced labor, or prostitution.

Therefore I do want to highlight the work from Hope for Justice to secure their safety. This is close to my heart and I hope you want to help me fundraise NOK 50.000,- (€5.000).

FUNDRAISE: Facebook fundraiser to Hope for Justice

Photo: Joakim Birkeland.

Call for partners

For this challenge I also want to call out for partners who share my passion for going forward and beyond through cycling.

I will travel with a video photographer, a creative photographer, and a SoMe responsible, to make sure the story is captured and shared. The business partners will expect great content, visual exposure and brand awareness. A once in a life-time chance to prove your company and and/or your products can stand strong in the Arctic conditions, as well as contributing for a important cause for raising money to stop slavery.

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Stay tuned

I will arrive Svalbard April 1st, and will come back with a prologue the last week. Here I will also present more on how you can follow the Everesting on the event day.

Looking for my most crazy adventure yet!

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