What is Everesting?

Jonas Orset

Everesting is cycling’s answer to mountaineering. The concept is to ride up and down the same climb until you reach the same elevation meters as Mount Everest, 8848.

It is a real challenge. Craziness in many people’s eyes. On the same time, it is getting really popular and both pro riders and less experienced riders are putting the challenge on their bucket list.

This summer I had a very nice chat with Andy van Bergen, the godfather of Everesting. He told us what the concept really is, how is all came together, and shared some stories from the most extreme attempts he heard about.

How to Everest?

Everesting is all about riding the elevation gain similar to Mount Everest, 8848 meter. You can do it in a long or short hill, locally or exploring new places.

You can take rest stops, but sleeping is not allowed. In other words, you have to do the challenge in one single ride.

For most people, an Everesting attempt will take about 14-20 hours. The world record is now 6:59:38 set by Sean Gardner, in Virginia, USA. Emma Pooley has the fastest time by a women, 8h 53min in Haggenegg, Switzerland.

The most crazy ones aren’t stopping on 8848 meter, but continue to Double Everesting – 17. 696 meter, or Trippel Everesting – 26.544 meter!

Check out:

Andy van Bergen. Photo: privat.

My attempts

I Everested three times. The first two ones in 2018 I continued to 10.000 meter elevation.

August 3rd, 2018: Hope Challenge (Norwegian text)

September 29th, 2018: World Record 10.000 meter! (Norwegian text)

It has been some epic experiences. Finishing gives just as much a mental as physical mastery. Last summer I wanted to try again after a year off.

Myself during 10.000 HRS in Lynnebakka, Norway (Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff)

Everesting Trollstigen

I started thinking about it in July and decided to go for it in the end of August 2020.

I put the wheel into motion and invited riders to join the event. We became 15 riders who were riding 14 times up the amazing climb to raise money for Hope for Justice.

It was totally epic, and such an incredible experience. Something I will never forget.

READ THE RECAP: Everesting Trollstigen

Trollstigen. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff

NORWEGIAN FB GROUP: Everesting Norway

You should also check out this unique video from when Andy van Bergen went to Tibet to do an Everesting in Mount Everest.

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