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Jonas Orset

The most epic bike event last year. Gravel, forest roads, mountain climbing, couch, and good vibes met the participants in our own event, Dirty No Man’s of Follo.

If you want something well done, you should do it yourself. Not that I would suggest it was a better organized event than any other, but I’ll feel confident to say it was one of the more adventurous I ever heard about.

In collaboration with the Nordic Gravel Series, I teamed up with my colleague Kent Erik Harridsleff and invited 50 riders to go on a 100 miles (160 km) ride on my favorite backroads in Follo.

Few people know how many hours I put down in exploring ridable and less ridable trails in this region. Finally I had a chance to show some of the highlights of what Follo can offer.

An epic and long ride

The start was set to Hvervenbukta at 7 AM, Sunday September 20th. The riders were divided into speed groups on their own choice, and went out on a long day on the saddle.

I was the head organizer, but it didn’t stop me from joining the event as a rider myself.

RED COUCH: Climbing by foot up the to the Red Couch was one to remember. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.
Beautiful morning at Bindingsvann, Enebakk. Photo: Marius Bache Wold.
Green in September, close to Frogn Church. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

During the ride we fueled at feeding stops. Jon Otto helped out in Kråkstad, while Claes Henrik provided additional energy in Drøbak.

Refueling in Kråktad after 43 miles. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.
Spectacular route, especially here in Seiersten Fort in Drøbak. Photo: Marius Bache Wold.

It wasn’t a proper race, and traffic rules applied. It was still fast up front and we were four riders left ahead approaching the finish line after 8 hours riding time and 3000 meter of elevation.

On the road to Huseby the front split in two. Only four of us stayed away to the finish line. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.
The photos are telling just a small part of the whole story. No doubt it was a really pretty day. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.
Sjødalsstrand is a treasure. We passed through here about 8 miles before the line. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Happy riders

It was easy to spot all the smiles and catch the good atmosphere when we came back to Hvervenbukta. We finished off the great day with lamb sausages at Anne på Landet.

Such a long and brutal day, and some riders arrived after 14 tough hours on the saddle. On the contrary to the name of the event, all but two riders, who had technical issues, beat the DNF. 46 finishers of the amazing ride.

It was such an epic experience which truly gives a lot of inspiration to more challenging gravel rides both locally and on tour.

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Thanks to all event partners:

Nordic Gravel Series

Cannondale Norge

Claes Henrik Sykkel

Arla Protein

Squeezy Norge



Jon Otto Lien

Marius Bache Wold (photographer)

Co organizer, Kent Erik Harridsleff

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