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Well howdy there, partner! We're downright thrilled to invite ya to the fourth edition of Dirty No Man's Land of Follo - DNF GRVL for short. This here's gonna be one heck of an adventure ride, spanning a hundred miles (that's 160k for ya metric folks) on the most beautiful gravel roads in Follo, which we reckon is the Toscana of Norway. What do ya say, ya up for some wild and dirty fun on the trails? Registrations closed. Contact us on 41633886 for last minute entries.

Practical info






Start time: 07.30 am @Hvervenbukta
Estimated time of arrival: 4-7 pm @Hvervenbukta
Time cut: Not really, but the food is served at the finish until 7 pm.
Distance: 100 miles
Ride type: Group ride with free speed (follow traffic rules.) We start together, but surely, groups and riders will be split apart. Feel free to partner up with others and make a group of equals.
Official feeding stops: Main feed stops halfway in Kråkstad, and water stops quarterly.
Post-ride meal: We will offer BBQ Hamburgers in pure Texan style after the finish. We have a vegetarian alternative. Riders with food allergies should inform us, and we'll find alternatives.
Trails and roads: Mostly gravel, tractor roads, and some county roads with tarmac. Be aware that there will be a few sections of more challenging surface; you might have to walk a few times on those sections. Estimated elevation gain of 2000 meters.
GPS: There will be very limited road signs, and no marshals. So all riders need a well-working gps unit. The route with a gpx-file will be provided on Thursday, two days up front.
Open roads: The route will follow open roads and trails, so remember to be nice and respectful to others using the roads.
Mechanical help: Riders shall be self-supported and cannot expect mechanical help along the way. We will still have support personnel before the start and at the feed stop on Kråkstad.
Insurance: As specified upon registration, all riders need to take responsibility for their own safety. We highly recommend checking your insurance policy so you know you are well covered if an incident should occur. Let's pray not, but better safe than sorry.

DNF GRVL is open for all riders as long as you're capable and ready for a long day on the saddle. We recommend a Gravel or CX bike, but you can ride what you have/want.

The route is created together with Tor-Einar Skog and will be sent as a GPS-file to participants 48h before the start, which give little time for recon. 98% of the ride will be ridable, but expect a few challenges on the road.

You can ride your own pace, and all riders shall be self-supported, and follow traffic rules. No prices for fastest riders.

There will be a water stop and another snack stop along the route, and we'll finish it off with a meal and drinks at Hvervenbukta. All finishers get a finishers prize (Deadline at 7 pm.)

It will be an epic day!

We start and finish at Hvervenbukta, Oslo.

If you live nearby, we advise you to come by bike. You may bring a small bag for the finish and we'll store it for you during the ride.

You may arrive by car, and there is a public parking lot with free parking (Please crosscheck when arriving as changes may occur).

Bus travel from Bjørvika - Fiskevollen:

Bus 83:
6.39 AM - 6.53 (arrival time)
7.09 AM - 7.23 (arrival time - latest call)

Hvervenbukta has public toilets and outdoor shower you may rinse yourself after the finish if needed.

We do not have a hose to wash the bike afterwards.

We take green responsibility.

We have a non-littering policy.
Riders shall not litter, and bring your packaging to a designated area at the feed stops. Ensure you put packaging well into your pockets so nothing falls out while riding.

We strongly advise riders to consider the following:

– Green transport
Choose green transport to the event. Go by bike or public transport if possible. If you need to drive, consider reaching out to others for carpooling. Less private cars, please.

– Recycling
We recycle and ask you to put your trash in the proper bin. If you are unsure which one to use, please ask us so we can sort it out correctly.

– No food waste
Our goal is to minimize food waste. Please only take what you will eat/drink at feed stops and the post-race meal. We are buying as many of our products as possible at or Havaristen. They sell products that have a short lifetime or are going out of production. Instead of trashing them, they sell them at reduced prices.

– Low impact on nature
We choose gravel roads with little impact on nature. While riding, please stay in the tracks and try not to create new tracks or impact the nature around the course. If wet, the ground is more vulnerable, so keep that in mind when choosing wheel tracks.

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