Enebakk Rundt GRVL

Jonas Orset

– An alternative Enebakk Rundt.

Enebakk Rundt is one of the most traditional races in Norway. The 80 km loop on May 1st going south-east of Oslo, is known as the start of the season for many Norwegians.

This year the pandemic is putting the race on a hold, but The Nordic Trailblazer challenge you as a rider to do an alternative version on gravel roads.

This is not an organized event, and you must follow covid guidelines and traffic rules. No gathering, ride alone, or with just a couple of friends. Be safe. Have fun!

Get ready for the 1st of May

We encourage riders to get on the challenge the 1st of May. An alternative year needs alternative riding.

  1. Plan the day and click going on the FB event
  2. Prepare well and be self-supported if you have a technical problem
  3. Ride and enjoy!
  4. Share your experience with us on the FB event, or Instagram by using #ERGRVL
  5. Inspire friends to try out Enebakk Rundt GRVL too

PS. If you cannot make it May 1st, then schedule the ride for another time.

Let's make the most of this year's Enebakk Rundt!

Follow our test ride April 24th

The Nordic Trailblazer will test the course April 24th and we will share our experiences.

Where: Oslo/Enebakk, Norway
Start/finish: Skullerud, Oslo
Distance: 86 km
Elevationgain: 1500 meters
Date: April 24th 2021
Starting time: 9 AM CEST
Finishing time: aprox. 12.30 PM CEST
Racing speed: aprox. 25 kph.

There will be a live tracker on the day.

We will share content on Instagram Story:

We will also share live streams on Facebook:

Nordic Trailblazer Live Videos

After our ride we will share our story and best tips for your ride, here on

GRVL AND SMILE. Photo: Ola Morken.


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