UCI Gravel World Tour Series Ranxo



Good outcome for the Nordic Trailblazer in the last UCI Gravel World Series race of the season in Hutchinson Ranxo Gravel.

Set up

What: Hutchinson Ranxo Gravel, UCI Gravel World Series
Where: Ponts, Catalunia, Spain
Distance:  160 km
Dates: September 18th 2022
Start time: 07.45
Weather: Chilly morning, then sun and hot, 15-26°C

Team: The Nordic Trailblazer (101percent Training)
Support: Jofre, 101percent Traning

Bike: Cannondale SuperSix Evo CX
Wheels: DT Swiss GR1400
Head unit: Stages Dash M200
Power meter: Stages Power meter
Tires: Maxxis Receptor 40mm
Race kit: Green Cycling Norway from CCN Sport
Helmet: Met Manta
Shoes: Fizik Terra X5
Chain lube: Muc Off
Nutrition: Squeezy Sports Nutrition
Pre race bike fix: Oslo Sykkelverksted

Stacked field in Ranxo, and fast start

After a few weeks with lots of projects I wasn’t expecting to be at my best, so I’m really happy about outcome of the 160 gravel race over a challenging route in north east Spain.

A stacked field with hitters like Carlos Verona, several Scott MTB pro riders, Paul Voss, Alberto Losada and more.

We started off straight into a 4K climb and the 500 riders were all over the place. I made my way up to the first group up the climb, but was behind a split downhill and had to chase the front. It took me about 40 km to get back, and to close the last 30 sec was a pretty much all out effort over 10 km.

Photo: Hutchinson Gravel official photos

In the front of the race

I was finally in the front group. We rode steady for about 20 km before the selection began again. It was like playing cat and mouse – in slow motion. Some dropped, others got a gap. There were really no attacks, but eventually we were 10 riders left in the front halfway into the race.

About km 93, I was dropped in a climb. I didn’t give up and chased back. I made it up again. Then, Verona attacked and nobody reacted. I though, what the heck, and jumped up to him. Another rider joined me, and we were three up front. 

We got an increasingly bigger gap. It was perfect for me, as Verona didn’t plan on dropping me yet, but he just had another level, coming strong out of La Vuelta España. After 10k the other rider dropped. I tried to stay with him , but he was just too strong. 

I was out there on 2nd place for a little while, but eventually the 6 chasing riders caught me in a climb. I was still recovering the break with Verona and didn’t manage to hang on.

Photo: Hutchinson Gravel official photos

Close call, and the race outcome would be totally different

In the part riding solo I had a near death experience as I faced an oncoming car in a blind corner on the narrow gravel road. The security had been great all day, so I wasn’t expecting the car. Thanks to God, I just barely dodged it and passed the car in the ditch. It sat me off my game for a bit before I managed to put good power to the pedals again. 

I was riding on, hoping to catch riders, but just as importantly not be caught by others. I was solo for the last 35k to the finish. I passed one Euskaltel Euskadi rider, he looked cooked. Finally I made the finish line. 7th, and 4th in age 19-34!

Really pleased with the race and all my power PRs mean the 101percent training is working well. Especially happy my legs are responding as well when there has been a lot more than just training and recovering on my calendar lately.

Photo: Hutchinson Gravel official photos

Thanks a lot to Jofre for the cooperation in the coaching and also your support aid in the race. It was great! 

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Photo: Hutchinson Gravel official photos

Next up: World’s

I’m heading home to Kolbotn for recovery, organising more cycling schools for the kids, but also training for the World’s. Just three weeks to go before Italy.

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Thanks Morsa SK, Team Cadence and all partners and you who support my gravel campaign! 

PS. Time difference in result list are not correct, as there was a 1 min gap to the next rider in 8th.

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