Arctic Everesting



In the northernmost town in the world. In harsh Arctic conditions. More than 20 hours of riding in -15°C. For the safety of Ukrainian refugees. This is Arctic Everesting.

The Everesting was executed April 2nd, on 19h and 22min.
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Practical info








– This might me my toughest challenge yet. Potentially the most crazy bike challenge ever. 

Everesting Challenge is created as the most challenging bike challenge possible in one day. And I am doing it in Arctic conditions, about as close to the Arctic Pole you can find a road.

It will be cold, windy, ice roads, and probably take about 16-20 hours to finish. The suffering will be real, but it will all be for a good cause - to raise money for security for refugees from Ukraine.

The task is to do an Everesting bike challenge and ride 8850 meter elevation in the climb from road 400 to Gruve 3 near Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

The mission is to raise NOK 50.000 to the work of Hope for Justice to put a stop to modern slavery and human trafficking. Which is timely with many Ukrainian people becoming refugees, and being especially vulnerable targets for traffickers.

Our ambition is to use the amazing bike challenge to raise money for the cause, while making a story about the challenge, and share it with people all over the world.


NORSK: Dette er Everesting i Arktis

Route and where to follow

The hill I am riding is from road 400 up to Mine 3, near Longyearbyen.

The climb is 2,7 km and 180 meter elevation. As I will ride to Mine 3, it also has 10 meter descend, will give me a total lap of 5,4 km and 190 meter elevation. I will need to ride 47 laps. That will add up to 251 km in total riding distance.

EDIT: After testing the climb, it looks to be around 230 meters of elevation, which will bring the numbers of laps down to 40 or less.

Time schedule in the bottom.

Time schedule for finishing time

Start 05.00 (might start before)

Speed includes stops.

10 km/h – 24.4 hours – 04.00 AM + 1 day
12 km/h – 20.4 hours – 01.00 AM + 1 day
15 km/h – 16.4 hours – 21 PM

Most likely the 12 km/h inc breaks is the most probable time schedule. Hopefully I manage to end by midnight.


Follow the ride in SoMe

We will share content on Instagram Story:

We will also share live streams on Facebook:

Nordic Trailblazer on Facebook

Fundraising Hope for Justice work toward Ukrainian refugees

SEE: Facebook Fundraiser

You can also use Vipps to Everesting Challenge: #695077

I hope this challenge also will shine lights on all the people forced to flee their country in the Ukrainian crisis. I am raising money to aid the work of Hope for Justice to stop criminals of human trafficking who try to take advantage of vulnerable women and kids.

During this Ukraine crisis, many women and children have left their homes and men. They are tired, desperate, and vulnerable, and in a chaotic situation they might be targets for human traffickers.

Flag of Ukraine. Illegal entry of citizens to country. Refugees near barbed wire fence. Concept illustration.

It was stated in a press release from United Nations on March 24th, that Ukrainian Refugees are at High Risk of Exploitation.
In a crisis the refugees deserves to be safe and not become victims of abuse, forced labor, or prostitution.

Therefore I do want to highlight the work of Hope for Justice by doing my most challenging ride ever, an Everesting in the Arctic conditions on Svalbard islands.

The suffering will be real through this challenge, but the cause is all worth it.

I hope you want to help me fundraise NOK 50.000,- (€5.000) to secure safety to Ukrainian refugees.
I have a Facebook-page where you can donate.

SEE: Facebook Fundraiser

You can also use Vipps to Everesting Challenge: #695077

Why Svalbard?

Svalbard is the island area, where Longyearbyen is situated, the northernmost town in the world. Here only the tough one goes, and there are mostly miners, fishermen, and scientist here. It's known for its long winters, cold conditions, amazing scenery, and an arctic wild life. You need a gunman if you go out of the center as there are many ice bears around.

I have two ice bear guards, making sure the bears stay away and I can enjoy the suffering in the incredible surroundings.

I know it all sounds crazy, and it is. But I wanted to make a challenge for myself for this cause, and this most definitely is.

Partners involved to make a difference

We are proud to share our main partners for the event, as of March 24th.

CCN Sport

CCN Sport is a Hong Kong based sport clothing company with factories in China and Philippines. Personally, I've known them since 2014, and I have been racing for the company many times in China.

I am happy to be able to make this Everesting event possible with their support, and we find it encouraging that we can go together, across borders and cultural differences, to empower the fight against modern slavery. It is a great statement that CCN do support the work of Hope for Justice and the people of Ukraine in this crisis.

I will ride in the CCN clothing during the event to stay warm, yet functional through the rough Arctic conditions to prove their clothing will work in the most extreme conditions.


Komoot is a world wide web platform created to create and share adventures. On their website you may get inspired, find new routes or create your own.

I have been a partner with Komoot the last year, and I am really happy about them being a partner of the Arctic Everesting. We hope to inspire people to seek their own adventures, through our story from Svalbard.

Our story will be published on Komoot and accessible for all.

The partnership gives us an international reach, and we are really happy to have Komoot on board.

The University Centre in Svalbard – UNIS

The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) is the world’s northernmost higher education institution, located in Longyearbyen at 78º N. They provide research-based education for the next generation of Arctic experts in biology, geology, geophysics and technology.

We are grateful that UNIS are supporting our challenge, helping us with lodging and logistics during the challenge.

Their Sectionleader in Operations and fieldsafety, Tomm Christian Steen, has been a key actor and provides us with local-based knowledge.


Gruve 3 let us to borrow a heated room to use as a base camp.

Sportscenteret Svalbard will lend us needed bike equipment and help us with back up should something happen.

We have been in touch with many people and companies who are helping in one or another way.

Many should be mentioned, and more people will be on this list, and we are grateful for each one of you.

Media outreach

We are working closely with medias from different parts of the world to share Arctic Everesting Challenge. We want our mission to be well-spread and inspire people around the globe.

We want to highlight our partners who makes this possible through our own content creation by two photographers, and interviews with media.

We hope the outreach will help the cause and help us raise money for Hope for Justice work towards safety of the Ukrainian refugees.

  • NRK Radio Finnmark og Troms (March 24th, 2022)
  • Svalbardposten (article March 16th, 2022)
  • Østlandets Blad (article March 25th, 2022)
  • Sykkelmagasinet
  • Hells 500
  • Komoot platform and SoMe

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