Texas gravel season on my doorsteps

Jonas Orset

Honestly, it feels like I was lining up for the Belgian Waffle Ride in Kansas just a month ago. I’m preparing for another season of gravel fun overseas in a few days.

The winter season has been faster than ever; at least, it feels like it. I’ve used the time well. Resting the legs, absorbing the season, then looking ahead, aiming for new goals, with all the planning to make them happen regarding finances and fitness. 

As a privateer, I must do it all myself, with its pros and cons. 

Pros: Nobody can tell you what to do; it’s all up to you what you want to do. Making your calendar and choosing partners in line with what you believe in.

Cons: Nobody puts a plan on the table, and nothing happens. You have to be on your toes. 

It is a never-ending puzzle. Time flies. Approaching the season, not all deals are settled yet, but I am grateful for some crucial parts falling into place! It’s time to tell you more about it!

Jonas cycling on gravel road in Kansas
GRAVEL: Time to get dusty again. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Preliminary calendar

My racing calendar is full of exciting events, and I expect to add a few more. These are the ones I have on my spring calendar as we speak:

February 25: Renegade Rambler, Texas, US
March 5: Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona, US
March 11: Mid South Gravel, Oklahoma, US
March 25: DNF GRVL, Norway
April 15: Belgian Waffle Ride California, US
April 22: Sea Otter Gravel, California, US
May 20: Gravel Locos, Texas, USA
June 3: Unbound Gravel, Kansas, USA
June 10: FNDL GRVL, Finland
June 17: Iron Gravel, Spain
July 1-2: Unionsrittet

It’s quite an intense spring season, but something that inspires me. I am proud to be an ambassador of the Belgian Waffle Ride series, Gravel Locos, FNDL GRVL, and Unionsrittet.

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FELT: The new bike looks sweet! Photo: Joakim Birkeland.

Felt Bicycles on board

Having Felt Bicycles on board for the season is such a blessing. I get my hand on first-class bikes and equipment in Europe and America. I am becoming a part of a family I look forward to getting to know. 

I will ride a Felt Carbon Breed, and stay tuned for my test report of the bike. So far, it feels great!

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Cadence Cyclery

Being a part of the Team Cadence Cyclery might be the most crucial part of making it possible to chase the American gravel dream. Chad Plumlee and his colleagues have been so helpful with everything; without them, it wouldn’t be doable. My dear friend Corey Ray and his family also deserve a huge thank you for their hospitality when I’m in DFW. 

I also look forward to getting to know Steve and the brand-new Cadence Cyclery Encinitas in California this year.   

Cycle Service Nordic

The guys in Vøyenenga, outside Oslo, if also one of my most significant partners, and they will provide me with equipment, such as Schwalbe tires, DT Swiss wheels, FIzik shoes, Met helmets, Rock Shocx suspension fork, and Muc Off products.

Jonas in front of the opera house
READY: Time to step out of the cold and get hot! Photo: Joakim Birkeland.

CCN Sports clothing

The Hong Kong-based cycling clothing company has supported me for several years and was an essential partner in making the Arctic Everlasting possible. I am grateful they, this year again, will support me with one of the best and the coolest kit! 

People behind

Behind all athletes, there is a support team. Without them, nothing would be possible. I have many companies and individuals supporting me from all over the world. All my main partners will be presented on this page; however, thank you all for having my back. I appreciate each one of you!

And with that, let’s start the season – I cannot wait to see what it has for me! Most importantly, I hope it brings many new friendships and smiling cyclists. After all, that’s what matters.

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