Prologue: The Tunnel

Jonas Orset

New date: March 20th

«Everesting The Tunnel» is symbolizing the challenging time we have been through lately, but there is hope. The Light is still there.

It’s been a tough 2020, and for many the start of 2021 has also been hard. When finishing an Everesting in The Tunnel we want to show it is possible overcome the dark tunnel and shine light.

Our goal is to raise 50.000 NOK for World Bicycle Relief and their work to spread hope through bikes.

The Tunnel

Close to Voss, at Jordalen, it’s a almost unused road tunnel. The tunnel is basically only used by the 43 people living in the valley.

It is a little funny, since the tunnel is of high quality, with lights, good tarmac and 3k long. Well, to be honest it’s probably also made due to the small power plant up the valley, but still, it just as good of a place to ride as any.

A perfect place to do an Everesting, isn’t it?

3 kilometer, 280 meter of elevation. 32 reps and we will ride as many vertical meters as Mount Everest, 8848 meters.

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COLD: I have been doing Everesting in cold conditions before, like here in Trollstigen August 2020. Doing in a tunnel is still a whole nother ball game. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Crazy, but a good cause

Yeah, I agree. This challenge is quite extraordinary. I mean, just an Everesting is something extreme. Doing it in the cold winter is a whole different ball game. The road in the tunnel should be free of ice, but temperatures might drop below 0ºC.

I am still mostly concerned about the mental aspect. It will not be much to see. Just the road ahead. Hour after hour.

It is for a good cause, we are doing this for the World Bicycle Relief who is providing bicycles to children and families in need of transportation in Africa.

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World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. Bikes are in many cases a life-changing tool for children and families in developing countries.

In developing countries, millions of people walk for miles on foot to complete everyday tasks. Distance is a barrier to attending school, receiving healthcare, and delivering goods to market.

World Bicycle Relief delivers specially designed, locally assembled, rugged bicycles for people in need.

Read more: World Bicycle Relief

The Team behind the tunnel

Corona restrictions hinder us making a mass event. We are a small team with big-hearted people who want to make a difference through bikes.

Alexandra Diem is our first rider. She is originally German, but lives in Oslo and works in IT. Her passion for cycling and especially helping women on the bike is price-worthy.

Ørjan Hirth-Horvei is our local man from Voss. He is the owner of S. Endeve Sport. Next to doing a huge effort as my co-organizer, he has a long history of fundraiser events for helping kids with cancer.

Joakim Birkeland is the important content creator. Such a big heart and a really good video maker and photographer. We are expecting unique visual content from The Tunnel.

Bjørn Bergenheim will be the head of support. This Moss’ man is already worthy of a medal of honor, and we know he will take great care of us while we ride.

SUPPORT: Bjørn has been a great support before, as here during Swan30, my 300k birthday ride. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Viktor Hadju is a great friend of mine, and I love his passion for helping others. He is originally from Hungary, but felt led to come to Norway. I am happy we will join the support crew for the event.

Jonas Orset, or myself if I’d like, is the Nordic Trailblazer rider and the organizer. I have great guys with me, and am really looking forward. I have no big performance goals, but I am determined to ride the 8848 meters of elevation for the good cause.

EXPERIENCE: This will be my 4th Everesting. In 2018 I made the World Record in 10.000 meter in Lynnebakka, Gran. Photo: Kent Erik Harridsleff.

Follow and support the event

We will share live feed and content leading up to the event and hope you want to follow the epicness of this craziness.

Our main platforms will be:
FB-event Instagram

My personal channels:
Nordic Traiblazer Facebook
Nordic Trailblazer Instagram

Lacking data connection in The Tunnel, we cannot promise live stream or feed from the inside, but we will share the stories whenever the connection allows it.

We hope to shine light in the dark tunnel and hope you will help us do it by supporting and donating to World Bicycle Relief.


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