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Jonas Orset

Even though riding a bike isn’t as technical demanding you have to have your own coach, it will definitely be more fun with a team and a coach that back you up and help you succeed your goals.

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I, Jonas Orset, am an educated cycling coach from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, but I still wanted to engage a coach for my own cycling career. Why did I team up with 101percent training from Cataluna, Spain?

It is really hard to talk unbiased to yourself, with exempt from your own feelings. When things goes well, it’s easy to be your own coach. When obstacles occur, it’s another story. Then it is hard to trust you own self-perception.

On those occasions, nothing beats having a coach who understands you and are able to see you from the outside and give unemotional advices based on competence and expertise.

Jofre (left) and me. (Photo: Roger Puig)

It is very valuable to have a competent person in you support crew who wants you to succeed. If the athlete reach its goals, then the coach also succeed. This collaboration is highly important on the athlete’s path to achieving big goals.

In 2019 I decided to team up with 101percent Training. It has been a fun journey and we want to help more riders make their dreams.

Last October Jofre visited Norway and we organized a training weekend. Jofre, is sitting left in the picture, I am all to the right.

We offer the following coaching:

101% Pro – Pro Training Plan and coaching – NOK 2500/ €250 monthly

Pro coaching is for you who wants to be sure you make you goals.

We will give our best efforts to help you succeed, with close follow-up, weekly calls, lactate tests and always connected through TrainingPeaks and WhatsApp.

We are helping you develop SMART goals, and a individual plan to help you reach them.

We take our coaching seriously.

All workouts are analyzed. By your power numbers, heart rate, personal feelings and feedback, we adjust the training plans so it’s always optimized for your ideal progress. Nothing is left to coincidences.

The coaching is grounded in coaching education, new science, and best practice.

We offer opportunity to train with us, and help you stay motivated.

Analysis of FTP after test on Training Weekend in Noresund June 2020.

We will also invite our athletes to training weekends two times a year. This summer we had training camps in Noresund and Lærdal.

Training Weekend in Noresund June 2020.

Contact us! We would love to have you in our growing community of 101percent riders!

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Training Weekend in Lærdal July 2020.

Other options

If you do not have the possibility to have a full-time coach, we offer:

Video consulting – NOK 600/€55 an hour

If you want to plan your training yourself, but are looking for expert advices to your own training plan you can ask for consulting from one of our coaches. Through a video call we walk you through important principles of training, and adjust you training plan according to your goals.

3 month plan – NOK 1190/€100

If you want a general plan to get more structure in your training, this could be an alternative for you. The plan will help you get good consistency and development, by offering a periodised plan over 3 months.

Training with athlete Trym B. Holther in May 2019. Photo: Ola Morken.

If you are experienced or new to cycling, with big goals or riding more for fun, connect with us for a noncommittal talk and we will see how we in 101percent Training can help you have more fun and reach new heights with our cycling!

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